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A walk along the road:
my reflective blog

Learning to be grateful

Leadership is not just about taking charge and making decisions. It’s also about creating a positive work environment where employees feel valued and appreciated. One way to do that is by expressing gratitude. Read More…

The being busy trap

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Today’s walk along the road was achieved by careful timing and watching the clouds to avoid the rain. I found myself wondering about a conversation I had last week about the language we use in work situations relating to how busy we all are.

I caught myself saying that I had ‘back to back meetings all day’ not sure if I was looking for admiration or pity.

The fact that I could feel the uncomfortableness of the fact, combined with an annoyance with myself for getting into this situation collided and I adopted a resigned to accept it outlook.

With the time to reflect today – I wonder how often I willingly allow myself to get into the too busy being busy mode.

The day goes so quickly – for sure ! Some around may marvel at my revolving office door and the constant foot fall ….

When I reflect on what I achieved during my day of meetings it is clear little or any of it could truly be called ‘deep work’ – in contrast to what is described as ‘shallow work’ – those non-productive meetings, constant interruptions and non-stop emails ‘just for information’ which force us to ‘multi-task’ which we know reduced productivity by 40%!

Just imagine if you could increase your meaningful and impactful work by 40% just by making the space to focus on the activities that actually matter.

If you can identify with my week – This useful audit of your time is worth doing. Honestly ask yourself the following questions

1 - How much of your time is spent running the day to-day versus shaping the future?

2 - How much of your time is spent reacting to what others in the organization bring to you, rather than driving the top team’s agenda?

3 - How often do your strategic discussions lead you to make hard choices about your company’s future?

4 - How much time do you spend reviewing actions after the fact versus proactively shaping actions and a direction?

5 - How often do you spend time debating who is responsible for solving an issue rather than addressing it?

6 - How often do you and other members of the leadership team work together on issues?

Ok - time to go before the rain starts again and I have a lot to do !

thinking about teams ....

Team performance and how to 'get' teams to function effectively was the key challenge facing people this week .... I don't know why but a return to 'office working' or implementing hybrid models of working is my suspicion. Read More…

a tribute to Brenda, 1935 - 2022

Todays walk along the road was an altogether very different one - peaceful, still and sad. We had been in preparation and expectation of my mothers death for the past few years. The person we knew was long gone, wrapped in a fog of confusion and circular conversations ... frail and vulnerable ... different but still a presence. The one and only Christmas card I still send; this year is reduced to none.

We spent time together on Saturday, looking at old photographs and for about 30 minutes the conversation flowed, the stories remembered, the familiar connection made, the need to say goodbye - not said; but instinctively communicated and heard ... the hardest of goodbyes.

The finality of death must be the most painful to accept, no second chance, no opportunity to go back, final.

No Facebook or Tik Tok page has ever featured and no grave stone will stand to document a life, but in the presence of her family yesterday, I sat and thought of a life lived and fulfilled. Today as I walk and hear the gravel underfoot, the birds singing, the calm still day; I am grateful for all she did for me and the love she had for her family.

In memory of my mother - Patrick Kavanagh

I do not think of you lying in the wet clay
Of a Monaghan graveyard; I see
You walking down a lane among the poplars
On your way to the station, or happily Going to second Mass on a summer Sunday -
You meet me and you say:
'Don't forget to see about the cattle - '
Among your earthiest words the angels stray. And I think of you walking along a headland
Of green oats in June,
So full of repose, so rich with life -
And I see us meeting at the end of a town On a fair day by accident, after
The bargains are all made and we can walk
Together through the shops and stalls and markets
Free in the oriental streets of thought. O you are not lying in the wet clay,
For it is a harvest evening now and we
Are piling up the ricks against the moonlight
And you smile up at us - eternally.

Home before dark

I hadn't intended on doing anything this evening but found myself and Ted the Maltese going for a walk. Ted was restless all evening and I remembered that before leaving the house this morning I promised him we would go for a walk when I got home - he didn't forget, unlike me ! Read More…

Be more aware - pay attention to where you are

In our fast lives it is all too easy to be caught up in the busyness and miss or not see what is around you. Read More…

How to develop your leadership skills?

Self awareness provides a strong foundation to understand your behaviours, motivation and reactions for example. Read More…
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