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Reflections on my D-behaviour preference

DISC Profile
I wonder if discovering your preferred behaviour style is a bit like ordering a meal in a restaurant ? While you are happy with your style - everyone else's style looks more appealing !

Completing the online assessment to uncover my DISC behaviour was easy and took about 20 minutes to complete - and it turns out I am a 'strong' D style. There are four 'types' in the DISC system D - Dominance, i - Influence, S -Steadiness and C - Conscientiousness.

Of course there is no ideal or perfect style to be and in truth most of us will demonstrate a mix of styles. I was assessed as unmistakably D and it is hard for me to disagree since the assessment result was based on my responses to the questions !

Doing this assessment allowed me to reflect and re-consider my behavioural patterns and reactions.

My detailed report reminded me and I had to agree that I am motivated by power and authority and success. I couldn't disagree and neither could my family and colleagues that I prioritise taking action and challenging myself and others in almost everything I do.

And there was no hiding from the fact that I can be impatient and insensitive when under pressure. As I reviewed my style, I wished I had been an S or I style !

I saw those other qualities and behaviours are so much better; giving support, enjoying collaboration, humility ....

As I read more of my personal assessment I was reminded that the key message is not so much your preferred behaviour style but how you have increased awareness of how your approach and view of things can differ from others - not because they are wrong or trying to frustrate you - but simply that they 'see' and approach things differently.

And this has been the real benefit of doing this type of psychometric assessment - my personal reminder to be more self-aware of how my behaviour is influenced by my priorities and fears and the need to have a genuine appreciation for others and remembering that their motivation and fears may be different to mine.

If you are interested in what style you might be - try this .... which statement do you identify with more

1 -Active, Fast-paced, Assertive, Dynamic, Bold or

2 - Thoughtful, Moderate-paced, Calm, Methodical, Careful

now choose between one of these

3 - Questioning, Logic-focused, Objective, Skeptical, Challenging or

4 - Accepting, People-focused, Empathising, Receptive, Agreeable

If you chose the words in

1 and 3 you could be a D style

1 and 4 you could be an i style

2 and 4 you could be an S style

2 and 3 you could be a C style

Knowing you preferred behaviour style is of course just the beginning - the real benefit of a psychometric profile is the insight and information about how your can better interact and communicate/work with all four styles.

While I still envy the qualities of the other three DISC styles - I am learning to maximise my own tendencies while also watching out and controlling better my reactions when under stress - which I guess is key to being a better version of myself and an more enlightened leader !

I loved DISC so much I went off and became a certified trainer. If you want to find out more please get in touch.

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