A Walk Along The Road

Seeing life differently

I was motivated to write today's walk along the road as I caught myself saying once again 'this is amazing - why didn't I do this ages ago ... ?'

This has been my constant reaction since I had cataract surgery and replacement of my natural lenses in my eyes with prescription ones just over ten days ago.

The need to wear glasses to read had been a part of my life since I was 16 years' old. And up to a couple of weeks ago I was always switching between glasses for driving, glasses for computer work and glasses to read.
Constantly my annoyance was losing the glasses I needed or the frustration of not being able to read something in a shop because I had the 'wrong' goggles with me.

It amuses me now that I tolerated and accepted this situation for so long and just put up with it.

While still marvelling this evening that I have 20/20 distance vision and can now read the smallest print without wearing glasses ... I got thinking about life in general.

How often our relationships and situation in life evolves and changes often without you noticing? (just like my ever deteriorating eye sight !).

And, of course this is perfectly fine if you are happy to tolerate or accept these botherations in life.

It is an important question to ask ourselves ....

are we just putting up with something - accepting because we don't see an other options, we are not motivated enough to find out if there is an alternative or solution or we have lived with something for so long - we cant see the need or benefit of making the change?

When I started looking at my options to correct my vision - lens replacement seemed too good to be true (and with my usual thinking - I had convinced myself that it would all go wrong for me and I would end up with worse vision than before)

I am glad that I got so frustrated with my deteriorating eyesight and the negative impact it was having on my quality of life - that it made me look at solutions and options, that I found the energy and courage to commit to going ahead with the procedure and ended up with results that couldn't have been better.

This restoration of my eyesight has changed my life and I am still in the phase of amazement and joy .... and it has got me thinking about other things I need to be motivated enough to change or take action to enhance my life and not just tolerate or accept because I think there is nothing I can do.

I makes you think .... and see things differently and more clearly - literally !