A Walk Along The Road

Lighthouse fascination - another Irish landmark visited

Pádraig at light house
I don't really understand the fascination and lure of lighthouses .... but I know I'm not the only one who is fascinated and drawn to the mystery of a lighthouse. Today I made my first visit to Hook Head Lighthouse in Wexford, Ireland.

I remember fondly my time living and working on Fair Isle and how on the (many) stormy days I wondered how the lighthouse managed to stay standing - but how reassuring it was at night as the light would sweep over my house ... it was a constant and dependable feature of my life at the time.

I wonder if the altruistic purpose and nature is a component of our love for them ... there to keep us (or boats at sea to be more precise) safe ?

As a final reflection - I can't think about lighthouses and not recall that powerful saying which is a timely reminder for everyone;

If you close your eyes no lighthouse can help you

a challenge to us all to be aware, live in the moment and not to ignore or refuse the support and help that is there.

All those familiar names from the sea area forecast ... another constant and dependable in our lives almost like poetry as the radio announcer reads

Howth Head to Hook Head to Mizen Head, Mizen Head to Loop Head to Slyne Head, Bloody Foreland, Erris Head, Valentia

all mysterious and far away places, far removed from my daily life ... but today I got to stand at Hook Head and breathe the sea air, lay a hand on the lighthouse concrete wall and feel connected and secure.