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Team Building for Increased Performance

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Team Building and Team Coaching for Increased Performance

I work with new and established teams to support the development of trust and improved performance within the group. Depending on what is required this facilitation is provided over one day to 12 months planned work to support the development of small and large teams.

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Benefits of Team Coaching

Team coaching can provide a range of benefits to the individual, the team and the organisation / employer. Some of the many benefits of team coaching are:

Benefits to the individual

  • Learn about the other members of the team in a safe environment
  • Discuss and share different perspectives about how the team works and interacts
  • Develop commitment to one another - holding each other to account
  • Be much more engaged and focused on the team goals

Benefits to the team

  • Establish a team charter / shared values and goals
  • Create and agree an action plan
  • Maintain accountability
  • Identify individual strengths and skills across the team
  • Resolve conflicts safely and effectively
  • Create commitment to a common team goal

Benefits to the organisation

  • Less expensive than 1:1 coaching
  • Effective team working - focused on clear team goals
  • Increased job satisfaction and employee retention
  • Company development and success

Everything DiSC® and The Five Behaviours® informed team development

My facilitated workshops are provided in person using The Five Behaviours of Teams® as the basis of establishing Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability and Results within the group and team. This focused and established approach to team building provides groups and teams with a sound basis on which to develop.

Remember it all starts with you !

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As an accredited Everything DiSC® practitioner, I offer and provide a range of
Everything DiSC® assessment profiles which I use with clients to support their increased self-awareness.

The well established Everything DiSC® approach to
identifying your preferred working style is a powerful way of helping individuals to increase their self-awareness and how to interact and communicate more effectively with others.

Through interactive and engaging facilitated workshops; groups and teams learn about themselves and their behaviours and preferred styles to allow them play to their strengths while having increased awareness of how their behaviours impact on others.

Each member of a team will receive a highly informative and detailed personal assessment report. Depending on the focus of the team differing reports are provided including:
Agile EQ
Productive Conflict
Five Behaviours
or a
fully managed 360 review

Through the use of online profile assessments, the facilitated workshops are tailored to get the best learning experience for all participants based on their Everything DiSC® profile

You can find out more about Everything DiSC® and view sample reports and videos about the power of using Everything DiSC® to improve your leadership skills and build effective teams

If you are interested in using this engaging and interactive approach to team development simply get in touch and I can explain more about the effectiveness of this approach to team building.

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