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Fáilte - Welcome to CH Executive Coaching, working with you from the West of Ireland

True leadership stems from individuality that is honestly and sometimes, imperfectly expressed ... Leaders should strive for authenticity over perfection
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Working with leaders, managers and teams to improve performance and achieve their business goals

The CH Executive Coaching and Leadership Development business is grounded in my enthusiasm and energy to provide a valuable service to those doing the difficult work of leading and looking to improve.
Executive Coaching
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I believe that good leaders are neither born nor made … but are individuals working to be the best versions of themselves.

This doesn't mean we can't all be better at communicating, have increased self-awareness and adopt behaviours that can make us more productive and successful in our leadership roles

Coaching is personal - so why not choose a unique business like mine that will, treat you as an individual and work with you.

The Cross House Difference

How coaching and leadership development can help you

Business success is underpinned by confident and capable leaders who are invested in their own personal development.
As someone who has worked and led in complex organisations I bring a real world knowledge and experience to my coaching conversations. My learning and development in leadership, coaching and psychology enable me to manage a safe environment to allow each client the opportunity to gain the maximum benefit from each coaching meeting.
Effective leaders and managers seek coaching and the support of a thinking partner for varied reasons and the
potential benefits of coaching and leadership development include:

1 - Heightened self-awareness
2 - Better social skills
3 - Higher levels of empathy
4 - Improved self-regulation
5 - Increased levels of
6 - Increased emotional intelligence
7 - New ways of thinking and working

8 - Improved leadership abilities
9 - Career development
and promotion

Find out if I could be your ideal coach by booking your initial video meeting with me.

I work remotely with coaching clients and businesses around the world
as well as providing team and in person coaching and leadership development facilitation across Ireland and the U.K.

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I have created a range of supportive leadership content on this website which is available free to anyone who
registers for access.

Find out how business coaching can
give you the advantage now.

Client Reviews and Feedback

Highly recommend Pádraig Ó Lúanaigh as a coach, highly experienced in challenging situations, Pádraig is calm, practical and able to direct you into new ways of thinking about your situation … everybody needs a coach!! It's a key aspect to supporting yourself, balancing your lifestyle and achieving your goals.
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March 2022
September 2022
Really appreciated the sessions and could have happily had more.
The space has been invaluable to allow me to reflect
September 2022

Rating: 5

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Your feedback is important to me and my future clients so please do leave a review to help others decide if I could be their ideal coach - thanks

Executive Coaching and Leadership Development Training

The CH Executive Coaching Story

Cross House (CH) Executive Coaching and Leadership Development is a consultancy service I developed after years of working with the personal challenges of being a manager and leader.
With over 30 years' experience working in teams and organisations around the world, I have a credible and lived experience to base and inform my coaching and leadership practice on. I have completed professional diplomas in executive coaching and leadership development which informs and provides the solid foundation to my coaching, leadership development and team building practice.

In providing coaching and leadership development services to senior leaders (either new in post or very experienced) I was determined that I would work in ways and provide services which are:

  • Accessible
  • Flexible
  • Innovative
  • Provided in partnership
  • Focused on personal growth and development

Leadership Coaching is a proven and effective way of achieving personal and professional growth and development.

My approach to coaching is to support my clients to increase their self-awareness and combined with their clearly articulated goals they set themselves; provide a supportive and confidential safe space for them to explore their options and actions to achieve their own success.

I work with individuals and employers around the world via video, telephone and in person to enable greater clarity on goal setting and achievement resulting in increased personal and team performance.

The online appointment booking system allows you to easily select the day and time that suits you with the option of in person, telephone or online meetings.

The Cross House Brand and Business Model

Executive Coaching Ireland
My base in the West of Ireland allows me to work with clients across Ireland including Dublin, Galway, Cork and Limerick.

The use of video meetings allows anyone to have access to professional business coaching regardless of where they are based in the world at a time that is convenient to them.

There are lots of good reasons to live here along with the regular 'visitors' we get hopping across the fields and our lawn, wild Irish hares! The hare was the obvious and appropriate image to represent a business based in the heart of the West of Ireland. CH are the initials of my home and business base and were chosen to reflect the environment where I live and work. You will see many of the photographs I have taken in my local area, used on this website.

The initials CH and the hare logo were an obvious choice to represent the vision I have for my business - firmly influenced and informed by :

  • my personality,
  • background,
  • experience,
  • knowledge and
  • skills as a professional coach.

Coaching is based on a strong and trusting relationship and finding the coach who is right for you is essential and you can find out more about my professional background and experience to help you decide if I might be the ideal coach for you.

Team Dynamics and Personal Behavioural Awareness - Everything DiSC®

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I also provide team building and development for all types of groups and organisations and I apply and use the insights and self awareness tools provided by the well established Everything DiSC® and The Five Behaviours® profiles.
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