Leadership Development for Every Stage of Your Career

Everything you need to know about how I can support you,
your team and Organisation develop effective leadership capability.

Leadership Development options for every stage of your career

I work with individuals looking to hone a specific leadership ability, support teams to work more effectively together and with large groups providing complete leadership enhancement programmes.

I provide a range of psychometric tests and 360 degree assessments to support personal and leader development.

Whatever your leadership development need - speak to me and see what we can create to support you.
Personal Leadership and management Development

The complete package

My eight career boosting packages combine the best of contemporary leadership practice, supported by 1:1 mentorship and coaching to ensure you get exactly what you need and can see the benefits back in your workplace the next day.

Each package deals with a specific area but remain 100% customisable to your individual situation, combining coaching and at least one form of behaviour or 360 degree profile to guide your growth and development all provided over one to two months in time.

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Training and development for individuals and teams
Training that delivers what you need
These interactive and real-world focused workshops all have a practical focus to them and support participants to make sense of the content as it relates to them. These training events are facilitated in person or online
  • Managing Stress

    Develop your own skills to manage stress and maintain resilience.

    This one day event provides participants with the opportunity to understand better how they respond to stress.

    Importantly the day will equip you to have a number of new skills and ways of avoiding or dealing with stress. Topics covered include, the need to be in control, assertiveness, living in the present and managing stress to maintain resilience.
  • Manager as Coach

    When people think about their ideal manager - they are usually describing someone with coaching skills and abilities !

    This programme will introduce you or your team to fundamental coaching skills to enable them to bring a coaching approach to their work and support increased and improved engagement and productivity in your organisation.
  • How to get the best from your team

    An enjoyable day where we get to the detail around people's behaviour and communication styles.

    You will develop skills to recognise and maximise an individuals motivation and commitment to a shared team goal.

    Core elements of successful teams and how your current team performs will generate your own action plan to improve your team's performance.
  • Leading with Integrity - the power of self-awareness

    This day is packed with key information and activities to boost self-awareness levels!

    We start with a recognition and awareness of 'self' and 'others' and then move onto aspects of regulation and control.

    Increased Emotional Intelligence is the overall aim of this workshop with a strong focus on how our values, trust, behaviour preferences and ability to actively listen to others can enable us to lead with integrity.
Take the action to gain the skills you need - find out how I can help you and your team today
Invest in your continuing development and learn how you can become a more memorable and influential leader.
You're one transformation away from becoming more content and fulfilled in your career.

I'm offering you the opportunity to learn the skills needed to grow and identify both organisational and individual strengths and development opportunities.

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Manager training courses
Team Building and Team Coaching for Increased Performance

Effective team members trust one another and
have a shared sense of purpose

I work with new and established teams to support the
development of trust and improved performance within the group.

Depending on what is required this facilitation is provided over one day to
12 months planned work to support the development
of small and large teams.

Start building your and your team's future by working with your own leadership coach.

As a leader, your ability to inspire and engage your team directly affects their performance and satisfaction. Without my professional help, you may inadvertently contribute to team dysfunction, lack of motivation, and high turnover. I can help you develop effective communication skills, build stronger relationships, and create a positive work environment.

In a dynamic business environment, standing still equates to falling behind. Failing to seek professional coaching can impede your ability to adapt to change, seize emerging opportunities, and stay ahead of the competition.

And by neglecting this coaching opportunity, you miss out on invaluable self-reflection opportunities and feedback that help you identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

If you decide to join me today, I will help you build self-awareness, identify limiting beliefs, and navigate personal obstacles that may be blocking your success.

Do you have a team that isn't performing well together ?
Find out how my team building facilitation and team coaching could help.

Team Building

My facilitated team development workshops are provided in person using five key components as the basis of effective teams; Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability and Results. This focused and established approach to team building provides groups and teams with a sound basis on which to develop.
    Benefits to the individual
    • Learn about the other members of the team in a safe environment
    • Discuss and share different perspectives about how the team works and interacts
    • Develop commitment to one another - holding each other to account
    • Be much more engaged and focused on the team goals
    Benefits to the team
    • Establish a team charter / shared values and goals
    • Create and agree an action plan
    • Maintain accountability
    • Identify individual strengths and skills across the team
    • Resolve conflicts safely and effectively
    • Create commitment to a common team goal
    Benefits to the Company or business
    • Less expensive than 1:1 coaching
    • Effective team working - focused on clear team goals
    • Increased job satisfaction and employee retention
    • Company development and success

    Previous client feedback and reviews

    Interview Preparation

    Go into your interview with a clear understanding and ability to describe what you offer.
    • You will complete a detailed on-line assessment prior to the meeting which will generate a 26 page personalised report
    • 1 hour 30 minute online meeting

      Detailed guidance and interview prep support from expert executive coach
    • Understand your work needs and how you relate to others
    • Come away with the understanding and language to show an employer what you offer
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