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Workplace Mediation Services

Everything you need to know about how Mediation
can help you resolve conflict and disputes at work

Work life is complicated and it is not surprising that at times there will be conflict and disagreement between colleagues

Workplace mediation is a process that involves a neutral third party
(the mediator) who helps employees resolve disputes and conflicts
in the workplace.

The goal of workplace mediation is to improve communication and relationships between employees, reduce tension and stress in the workplace, and avoid the need for formal disciplinary action or legal proceedings.
It is a confidential and voluntary process that emphasises respect and understanding for all parties involved.

Overall, workplace mediation can be a valuable tool for organisations to maintain a positive and productive workplace culture.

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Overview of Workplace Mediation

Request for Mediation
The process typically starts with a request for mediation from
one or both parties involved in the conflict.
Understand the issues
The mediator then meets separately with each party to hear their side of the story and understand their perspective.
Finding a solution
The mediator then brings both parties together where they can share their concerns and work towards finding a mutually acceptable solution.
Agreement document
Where agreement is reached on a resolution - the mediator will produce a document capturing what was agreed for both parties to sign.

How the mediation process works

You may be seeking an independent mediator either for yourself or as a manager, to mediate a dispute with or between your team members

Some Mediation FAQs

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